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The UI toolkit for Svelte and Tailwind.

Skeleton allows you to create adaptive and accessible interfaces for web apps of any shape or size.

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Designed for Svelte and SvelteKit.

Skeleton integrates directly with Svelte and SvelteKit's best features, including components, stores, actions, and more. Offering interactive components, image filters, and much more.


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Skeleton is Awesome!

This showcases Skeleton's Card, Typography, Chips, and Divider elements.

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Enhanced with Tailwind CSS.

Skeleton has been designed from the ground up to take advantage of Tailwind's unique utility class approach to CSS styling, allowing you to create or extend your own personal design system.

Adaptive Theming.

Use Skeleton's design token system, variant styles, and Tailwind utility classes to create custom components that match your overall theme and aesthetic.

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The Skeleton Crew

And so much more...

There's too many amazing features to list, but here are a few of our favorites.

Amazing DX

Offers a best in class developer experience providing thorough documentation and ample examples to help you ship faster.


Components follow WAI-ARIA guidelines to implement required semantics, attributes, and keyboard interactions.


Bring elements from other UI libraries such as Flowbite or Tailwind UI to expand your toolkit arsenal even further.


Uses Typescript by default and provides IntelliSense feedback as you build your application within your editor.


Bring your favorite Svelte or Javascript libraries and use the adaptive theme system for a seamless experience.

Icon Agnostic

Supports all forms of iconography for complete control, including: unicode, emoji, vector, or SVG-based icon systems.


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Built by Awesome People.

Here are a few of the people responsible for creating and maintaining Skeleton.

Chris Simmons

Co-founder and core maintainer.

Trey Weir

Co-founder and business relations.

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